I'd argue that the state of Maine is a fantastic place to raise a family no matter what town you choose. It's the slow-paced, scenic lifestyle I think that makes it so appealing.

There's one city in particular that stood out to fortune.com when they constructed a list of the best places to live for families, and that's South Portland. I'll note that this list was put together last year in 2022, but I'll also note as a Maine resident, the 'why' factors will always stay the same.

Maine's slogan, "The way life should be", earns its tagline from cities like this one.

South Portland is located very close to downtown Portland where all the main attractions are, but is also just far enough away to feel like you're in the suburbs. Most of the popular shops and restaurants I go to as a Portland resident are all located in South Portland, which makes it a very sought-after location.

Fortune.com comes with the facts:

"The town of 26,000-plus residents has median home values just above the national average at around $270,000, which is a tradeoff for the above-average public school system, ample restaurants and coffee shops, and proximity to the beach."

While most of those facts really help sell this city, it's the beaches that really make South Portland so appealing to me. Bug Light and Willard beach are two of my favorite beaches in "SoPo", as the locals call it.

Willard Beach is always clean and family-friendly, and although there are some strict rules on pets and alcohol consumption, I'd say that's what keeps it so appealing.

My pup Maverick is also a really big fan of Willard, since it turns into a dog romp beach during nighttime hours!

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