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If you're lucky enough to have grown up with a location near you or at some point in your life had a location added near you, then you know. One of the greatest grocery store franchises in New England is hands down Market Basket.

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Market Basket Ownership Battle

It goes deeper than just a great place to shop for great quality food and incredible prices -- customers are loyal to this place, exhibited plain as day almost a decade ago in the massive Artie T. vs Arthur S. showdown amongst the Demoulas family for control of the Market Basket franchise.

That's not what this article is about, though, so if you're looking for a refresher or a deep dive into everything that went down in quite possibly the most infamous New England family feud in history, check out this Forbes article.

Because this article is about something that, well, it doesn't seem like real life. It actually seems like a storyline written for WWE wrestling programming.

Photo by J D on Unsplash / Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
Photo by J D on Unsplash / Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Market Basket Watermelon Attack

In something that probably no New Englander had on their 2024 bingo card, WMUR is reporting that on Thursday night, January 4, police were called to the Tilton, New Hampshire, Market Basket location for reports of an assault. With a fruit.

A watermelon. There was a watermelon wallop at a Market Basket. Or a tribute to the late comedian Gallagher with a very unique take on his infamous watermelon smashing bit.

And while the reporting on this is lighthearted (since, who attacks someone with a freakin' watermelon?), and that's due to the fact that there were no life-threatening injuries regardless of the fact that WMUR reports one person was sent to the hospital, make no mistake.

This behavior isn't something that should be condoned by anyone. Go to the grocery store, get your stuff, eat your slice of cheese while walking through the aisles, and go home. You're not a WWE wrestler getting paid to fight in a grocery store.

Police told WMUR that while no one at the time of reporting was charged or arrested, the incident is still under investigation.

But seriously, be better. Not bitter.

Because no one likes bitter watermelon anyway.

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