Usually when meteorologists at WGME CBS 13 and Fox 23 are reporting the weather, they're reporting what's going on outside. On Tuesday, the weather came inside right into the news studio.

All the snow and heavy rain that we got this week caused a lot of flooding issues, especially along the immediate coast. Commercial Street in Portland was flooded, as well as many other areas on southern Maine's coast. Flooding was also in issue for basements. I kept a close eye on mine throughout the storm, but luckily only had a little bit of water seep into some crack higher up the wall.

The shared studios of CBS 13 and Fox 23 didn't fair quite as well. The last thing you want to happen is to have water suddenly falling from the ceiling just as you get underway with Good Day Maine. The looks on the faces of anchor Katie Sampson and meteorologist Christian Bridges pretty much say it all.

By what Katie and Christian are saying in this video shot by Jeff Peterson, they were taken by surprise. "Wow! That was dramatic," said Christian, and "That scared me," said Katie. The roof couldn't handle both the melting snow and the heavy rain, and part of it just let it all in.

CBS 13 and Fox 23's studios are in a portion of a large building in the Northport Business Park in Portland. It was built in 1972, so it's been around for quite some time. No doubt the owners are going to need to get some work done on that roof so there are no more forecasts for rain in the studio.

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