What happens when an animal at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray gets sick or injured? Well, you take them to the vet (just like you would your pet), and the wildlife park sends them to the Gray Animal Center. That's where Merriam the Beaver was taken when she had an injured toe.

Merriam has been at the Maine Wildlife Park for quite some time, and is a favorite of many of the visitors. According to News Center Maine, Miriam the beaver is named after Miriam Bisbee, who volunteered at the Maine Wildlife Park for 20 years and chose the female beaver to be her namesake. In December of 2022, Miriam the human turned 100 years old.

Miriam the beaver isn't quite that old. Her trip to the vet showed one of her toes had a mass in it, so it had to be removed by Dr. Stephen Kinney. There didn't seem to be any complications, and she should be fine very soon. She's one big beaver!

Looking at the website for the Gray Animal Center while researching this article, I found a cat wearing a tie on the staff.

This is Thomas, the Director of Operations at the Gray Animal Center, looking very professional in his tie. Thomas came to them after someone found him as a stray, cared for him for a few months, but wasn't able to keep him. The staff fell in love with him, and now, the Animal Center is his new home, where he appears to be the boss.

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