The Miss USA Pageant has been held since 1952, and each year since then, a woman has been crowned to represent their state to compete for the title of Miss USA, and possibly even go further to the Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Maine USA 2024 was crowned recently in Burlington, Massachusetts, where both the Miss Maine USA and Miss Massachusetts USA pageants were held. And the winner might be a familiar face to you.

News Center Maine Reporter Anne Baldridge is the new Miss Maine USA, and will be going on to compete in the Miss USA pageant on August 4 in Hollywood.

Baldridge has been a reporter for News Center Maine since 2022. According to the Miss Maine USA website, she earned a BA in Mass Communications with a specialty in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Louisville. From there, she went on to earn her Masters Degree in Journalism from Ball State University. She's also a classically-trained ballerina.

Anne isn't the only person from News Center Maine who has made it to the Miss USA Pageant. Long-time anchor Cindy Williams was Miss Mississippi in 1986, and went on to the Miss USA pageant in Miami with host Bob Barker. In her interview, Cindy said he was currently the anchor of the 10 o'clock news on the NBC affiliate in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Bob asked her to pretend that she was reporting from the pageant, and Cindy wowed the judges, the crowd, and Bob.

The Miss USA Pageant was shown last year on CW, so we assume it will be shown there again this year on August 4. Tune in to cheer Anne on.

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