The Sandlot Movie

Even though the movie has spawned some spinoffs that fans of the original would rather not only forget, but completely pretend never happened, there's no denying that one of the most iconic movies for many '90s kids was The Sandlot.

Released in 1993, the movie followed Scott Smalls, who just moved to a brand new town, and in his quest to make friends, was taken under the wing of the best young athlete in town, Benny Rodriguez.

The movie follows Benny, Scott, and the other members of their makeshift baseball team in town as they spend their summer playing ball any chance they get, first kisses by pool lifeguards, and trying to retrieve a signed baseball from the legendary Babe Ruth, which was hit over the fence and essentially being held hostage by a massive dog nicknamed 'The Beast.'

Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers via YouTube / dante luna via YouTube
Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers via YouTube / dante luna via YouTube

The Sandlot Anniversary

While the movie has always been iconic, it was exposed to an entire new generation a few years ago when it celebrated its 25th anniversary back in 2018, followed by another big deal being made when it reached its 30-year anniversary back in 2023.

With the movie going through a bit of a renaissance and being digested by a new generation, some of the stars of the movie began capitalizing, regularly appearing at special anniversary celebrations during baseball games, various comic cons around the country, or becoming active/more active on social media.

And it just so happens one of the cast members, who may have one of the funniest TikTok accounts on social media right now, was also born and raised for an early part of his life here in New England.

Patrick Renna via TikTok
Patrick Renna via TikTok

Patrick Renna Boston

Although, according to his IMDb page, he moved to Los Angeles at a young age to pursue his (what is now pretty successful) acting career, Patrick Renna was actually born and lived in New England before making the jump to Hollywood.

In a recent episode of the Boy Meets World-related podcast, Pod Meets World, Patrick (who appeared on an episode of the show back in 1996), was a guest of the show, and talked about his early childhood with hosts Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and fellow New Englander, Will Friedle.

While revealing his mother lived in Worcester, Massachusetts, Patrick mentioned he lived and grew up in the North End of Boston. In fact, he still comes back to the area to visit, being captured by the Boston Herald back in 2018 walking around Boston Common with his wife, Jasmin, and their daughter, Flynn.

Patrick Renna TikTok

On top of being, according to his official website, a director and producer for Brookline Agency, Patrick also has a pretty successful (and hilarious) TikTok account, where he mixes a good amount of references to The Sandlot and other '90s nostalgia, as well as participating in current trends (like in the above video.)

Hambino Athletics

He also made the genius movie to pay homage to his character from The Sandlot, Hamilton "Ham" Porter, AKA "The Great Hambino," by starting a fashion line appropriately named "Hambino Athletics."

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