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For seven seasons from the early-to-mid '90s to the early 2000's, one of the most popular Friday night shows to watch that was part of ABC's iconic TGIF lineup was Boy Meets World.

While the sitcom mostly focused on the adventures of Cory Matthews, his girlfriend Topanga Lawrence, and his best friend Shawn Hunter, another insanely popular character was the older brother of Cory who was always good for some belly laughs, Eric Matthews.

And you might be today years old when you realized that Eric was actually played by a New England-born actor.

Will Friedle Connecticut

In what feels like some super sneaky information that's also somewhat surprising considering how popular Boy Meets World was (and still is, 30 years after its debut), it turns out Will Friedle, who played the role of Eric, is actually a New Englander.

According to his IMDb bio, Will was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and raised in Avon, until he made the jump to Hollywood as a teenager to make it big. In fact, Will has shared a lot of stories involving Connecticut and New England in general on a podcast he hosts with two of his former co-stars.

Getty Images / Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash / Canva
Getty Images / Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash / Canva

Pod Meets World

Twice a week, three former co-stars of Boy Meets World -- Will, Danielle Fishel (Topanga), and Rider Strong (Shawn) -- drop fresh episodes of their appropriately-titled podcast, Pod Meets World, where they recap each episode of the show, talk to special guest stars, and share fun anecdotes, including jokes about how Danielle and Rider "think" Connecticut is still a horse-and-buggy part of the country, and Danielle's radioactive cat.

In an titled "Kristanna Loken Meets World," Danielle -- who currently lives in California and is actually neighbors with Will -- told a story about how her cat, Bill, unfortunately was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and, in an attempt to get rid of it, was injected with a one-time dose or radiation -- which essentially left their cat (and its poop) radioactive.

Radioactive felines and feces aside, it is actually pretty cool to hear Will mention New England areas, from trips to Boston to his family's vacation house on Cape Cod, and other New England landmarks and locations in between.

Pod Meets World is available anywhere you listen to podcasts and, for the record, is radioactive-free.

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