Living in New England, we see so many rerun names of towns! There's a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a Portsmouth, Rhode Island, There's a Manchester, New Hampshire, and a Manchester, Vermont, you get the picture! And the ironic thing is many of these town names were not original to begin with. We stole them from the U.K! From Ipswich to Gloucester, I could go on. I guess it makes sense, since they are the old England and we are the new. We feel like we have the right to swipe any of their town names.

But here is something I haven't seen until now: two towns with the same name in the same state! We get it, New Englanders lack creativity when it comes to naming towns. But doesn't that get confusing?

So we know about Newmarket in Rockingham County, the one right next to Durham. Many UNH students and faculty live there, as it is a quick drive to campus.

But what about this Newmarket near Warner, New Hampshire? I was driving back from a camping trip the other weekend, and saw it pop up on my maps! I thought to myself, "did someone seriously run out of names and decide that the state of New Hampshire could have two Newmarkets? Come on! We're better than that!"


After doing some digging on the worldwide web, I found that according to, the Newmarket near Warner is not considered its own town. It is a "populated place" within the town of Warner. So I guess one could live in the Newmarket neighborhood of Warner?

Anyway, I'm glad we cracked that case. As it stands now, I don't think there are any towns that share a name within the state of New Hampshire. If I'm wrong, please mansplain it to me in the comments!

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