Many of the older homes in Maine have stories to tell. Whether that story is when it was built, how it was built or who lived there, there are tales to be told about the rich history. That includes one massive house for sale in Auburn, Maine.

Listed on Zillow by F.O. Bailey Real Estate, the hidden mansion tucked away at 1018 Summer Street in Auburn, Maine, not only offers architectural charm and luxury-level amenities, but also has a great story about being one of the few places to host Jimi Hendrix during his brief trip to the state.

Zillow via F.O. Bailey Real Estate
Zillow via F.O. Bailey Real Estate

Jimi Hendrix played in Maine only once – a raucous and memorable show at the Lewiston Armory in March of 1968. As far as documented history goes, it seems to be the only time Hendrix visited Maine at all.

Rather than stay at a hotel, Hendrix and crew visited this mansion that was only about a decade old at the time. It featured plenty of luxurious amenities throughout the more than 8,000 square feet of living space, along with plenty of privacy.

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That was then, and the midcentury mansion is still rocking. The gargantuan mansion still features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Not only that, but it has a devoted parlor featuring a full-size antique pool table and many other games.

This mansion also features an indoor pool to avoid the winter blues. That pool room also features a hidden staircase that brings you to a two-bedroom guest suite for some added charm and privacy.

Peek inside the hidden mansion in Auburn, Maine, that features mid-century charm, plenty of amenities, and some priceless history as well.

Peek Inside the Midcentury Mansion in Auburn, Maine, That Once Hosted Jimi Hendrix

Listed by F.O. Bailey Real Estate, a unique midcentury mansion is for sale in Auburn, Maine. It's got plenty of quirks as well as perks. From an indoor pool to a dedicated games parlor, there's a little something for everyone. That includes history, as this sprawling home once hosted rock n' roll legend Jimi Hendrix.

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