Ever wondered what the most popular gas station brand is in Maine?

I mean, you probably drove by 75 gas stations today. They are basically the most prevalent stores in America. We love our gas and the convenience of the store typically attached to it.

Now, thanks to the popular site Hubscore, we can now say what Maine's top gas dog is. The site used public data and other metrics to determine every state's number one station, including Maine's.

I bet you have a guess Maine's number one is. Let's just say it might be one that has a certain nickname that we Mainers love to use. Plus, it's probably best known for its convenience and inexpensive coffee over its actual gas pumps. Yes, I'm talking about Cumberland Farms.

Cumberland Farms via Facebook
Cumberland Farms via Facebook

One of New England's most popular chains, Cumberland Farms (or Cumby's) perfectly defines the term 'convenience'. The store is a one-stop shop for any Mainer in a bind for gas, a drink, or a quick bite. The stores are known for being very budget-friendly, including inexpensive coffee and food items. There's even a way to lower gas prices with its rewards program.

Cumberland Farms via Facebook
Cumberland Farms via Facebook

These are all reasons from Cumby's to be Maine's most popular gas station. It also helps that the state is loaded with them. According to the data company ScrapeHero, there are 43 Cumby's in Maine, making it one of the most prevalent gas stations in the state. Come to think of it, I think I pass four on my 25-minute commute to work. And yes, I typically make a stop to one of them two or three times a week. It's a trusted convenience.

While Cumby's is the most popular in Maine, Hubscore also included an entire top five for the state. Here's a look at the rest of Maine's most popular list.

2. 7-Eleven
3. BP
4. Shell Oil
5. Circle-K

You can see the entire most popular gas station map here. It's quite a diverse list. There's clearly plenty of regional favorites across this country.

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