Many people spend a portion of their lives dreaming about it: that big wedding, a gathering of all the people they love and adore in the world, to witness the tradition of joining together two lives.

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But for many of these people, reality is a cruel beast. While those dreams likely included perfect hair, pressed suits, extravagant food, stunning arrangements, and a perfect setting, the costs to have all those dreams come true can be unreachable for some, especially in Maine.

Get Ready to Spend in Maine

According to, Maine is among the most expensive states in the nation to have a wedding. The average cost of a wedding in Maine is roughly $33,000. That is several thousand dollars over the national average.

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The wedding industry in Maine has become big business. Because Maine weddings have become so popular, many old barns and seaside escapes have been revitalized and transformed to cater towards couples looking to tie the knot.

What is the Biggest Expense? states that the biggest expense couples face is the venue. Larger cities and oceanside resorts are typically the most expensive places for couples to get married. The average cost for a venue in Maine exceeds $11,000, one-third of the average cost of the entire wedding.

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Can You Have a Wedding on a Budget?

Even if you find a wedding venue that is budget-friendly, the remainder of the costs can quickly add up. Many couples end up cutting costs by having someone close to them take photographs, or assigning a family member to provide entertainment for the reception.

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As all wedding professionals would attest, cutting costs in any area is risky. But couples looking to avoid personal loans and insurance for a wedding sometimes have their hand forced.

What Are the Most Expensive and Least Expensive States?

While Maine's $33,000 per wedding average is high, another state has it beat by a lot. New Jersey is the most expensive state to have a wedding in the nation, averaging $51,000 per wedding.


Meanwhile, Utah, Oklahoma, and Kansas all come in at $16,000 per wedding on average. That's less than half of what it costs to get married in Maine.


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