Google Trends recently released a list of the most searched spring break destinations by state. 

After several months of cold weather and short days, an easy flight to one of America’s most lively party cities seems like an obvious choice. Miami has long been known for their beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife, exciting activities, and a fairly easy and affordable way to temporarily escape the winter. So, it wasn’t surprising to see that this was the most-searched destination for Mainers.

Well, according to a recent article in USA Today, law enforcement has had enough. In a recent short video that states “Miami Beach is breaking up with spring break”, the spotlight is taken away from the fun, party vibe of Miami and flips towards the yearly event that law enforcement, business owners, and local residents have come to dread every year. 

It appears that most people in Miami, with the exception of the spring breakers, are fed up with the constant arrests, violence, and even deadly shootings. That said, the city has enacted measures such as bag checks, curfews, and DUI checkpoints, as well as other heightened security measures.

As a person that enjoys a good night out with friends, nonstop shenanigans that result in law enforcement coming in to enact the precautions, especially the curfews for the majority of the spring breakers who are just there to have a good time, is unfortunate. It will be interesting how the new enacted laws and actions by law enforcement play out, and what affect they have on the current problem. 

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