For most people throughout New England, their lawns are still looking green despite the fact that it's January. It's a rare occurrence, as most major towns and cities in the region are well below their normal snowfall by this point in the winter.

That will likely change this weekend. A strong storm is expected to drop significant snow on the coastal regions of both Maine and New Hampshire. Inland areas should see enough to shovel as well.

But there's another storm that will quickly follow, and it's that storm that is ringing a few alarm bells among forecasters. That's because it's showing many of the same earmarks of the 'Grinch' storm that blasted both Maine and New Hampshire right before Christmas.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, the storm that is tentatively set to arrive next Wednesday should initially start as snow. But the atmospheric conditions predict it will switch to rain, heavy at times, which could present a whole host of the same problems encountered from the previous 'Grinch' storm.

There could also be some serious wind to contend with. This weekend's storm is expected to bring powerful wind gusts with it, meaning trees and limbs will already be wobbly. The potential Wednesday is expected to have similar to stronger wind gusts. Pair that with heavy rain and melting snow, and the prospective ugliness increases.


As the first of the two storms hits over the weekend, more clarity will be gained for the mid-week storm and what we can expect. A return of the Grinch of would not be welcomed.


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