As the popular song states, "it's the most wonderful time of the year". It's not just individuals that get festive during the holiday season; entire cities and towns embrace the cheer as well.

Many towns and cities throughout Maine use the Christmas holiday as a chance to showcase the community and how gorgeous their little slice of the state can be, even in the coldest months.

Christmas light display
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According to House Beautiful, a pair of towns in Maine do it a little bit better than everyone else. In fact, they do a lot better than the majority of the country. Kennebunkport and Boothbay were ranked among the 30 most festive Christmas towns in the entire nation.



Kennebunkport has long embraced the Christmas cheer with extravagant decorations throughout the downtown and a series of events that townsfolk truly love. Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude has become an attraction that draws in people from other states.

Facebook via Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude
Facebook via Kennebunkport's Christmas Prelude

The two-week Christmas celebration includes everything from a lobster trap Christmas tree lighting ceremony to a Christmas hat parade. Santa Claus arrives each year on a lobster boat, and people are invited to dress their dogs up in festive outfits for a pooch parade. There's also an annual fireworks show that wows crowds.


Boothbay's under-the-radar status for Christmas cheer no longer exists, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens' winter event, "Gardens Aglow". It's a true spectacle of Christmas cheer in the form of lights.

Facebook via Boothbay Lights
Facebook via Boothbay Lights

But Boothbay also has a few more Christmas miracles up its sleeve. Boothbay Lights features a lighted fire truck parade, as well as a lighted boat parade. There's a shopping event where visitors are encouraged to wear pajamas, and there's even the North Pole Express, a train ride that takes the entire family on a scenic trip.

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