If there was one food you would associate with the state of Maine, what would it be? Yes, it seems like an easy question, as your mind went immediately to lobster, right?  If it didn't, it should have.

Some states are simply known by a food, and usually that food is the most popular in the state. like lobster is to Maine.

But if I asked that same question of New Hampshire, what would you say?  Tell me, where would your mind go in the "food" category in regards to New Hampshire?   Mine didn't go anywhere, what about you?

The Food Network apparently has it figured out, because this is the one "must try" food in the Granite State.  According to foodnetwork.com, poutine is the iconic food in New Hampshire that the rest of the country is missing out on.

I realize some readers may not know what poutine is, let alone associate it with New Hampshire, so let me help you out.  Poutine is French fries smothered in cheese curds and topped with warm gravy.  That's your basic poutine.


Poutine originated as a French-Canadian side dish or appetizer in Quebec, according to mentalfloss.com.

The Food Network mentions some of the most creative poutine in New Hampshire is at the New England Tap House Grille in Hooksett.  The poutine here starts with French Fries, which are "given  a Parmesan and fresh rosemary dusting and the gravy is enriched with a sherry-peppercorn demiglace, then a heady spritz of truffle oil."

But for more authentic Canadian poutine, the west side of Manchester is the place, with a high population of French-Canadians from the mills of the 1960s, according to nhmagazine.com.  There is a restaurant there known for it' poutine, poutine burger, and anything else you can put poutine on.

It's Chez Vachon, and the menu looks fabulous. So, next time you are in the mood for this "must try" food, you know where to go, or check out your favorite restaurant for the New Hampshire specialty.

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