Well, this is the kind of story that hits me right in the feels.

I am an animal person. I mean, humans are okay too, but animals hit me hard. So when I heard that there was a baby bear cub screaming in the woods of Vermont, I immediately followed up on the story.

Ira, the adorable bear cub, was found alone in the freezing woods near Bristol, Vermont, two weeks ago. She was near her den. However, there was no sign of her mother anywhere in sight.

MyNBC5 via YouTube
MyNBC5 via YouTube

Even worse, she was showing signs of potential hypothermia and lots of stress.

A game warden in Vermont took Ira to Kilham Bear Center, in Lyme, New Hampshire, where she could begin some rehabilitation, according to a MyNBC5 article.

At the rehabilitation center, Ira has been spending time with founder Ben Kilham and his sister Pheobe.

Kilham has been rehabbing bear cups since 1993 when Kilham Bear Center first opened. He takes bears from all over New England.

Thank goodness Ira is in good hands.

“He's continuing to grow, and he's showing every sign of a healthy development in terms of developing mobility and play characteristics and stuff like that,” Kilham said to MyNBC5. “So, all in all, he seems like a happy, healthy boy.”

We are all hoping Ira is a part of Kilham's 80% survival rate.

The space is perfect for a bear cub, and not like a zoo at all. The Bear Center has 11 acres of forest, all enclosed, and an additional indoor space.

Ira will be kept in the center until she is 18 months old. After that, she will be released back into the wild.

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