After a lengthy winter and a rather wet spring, most people in Maine and New Hampshire are attempting to spend as much time outside during the warmest months of the year. Typically, people can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet in their little corners of the northeast. But as a Redditor noted recently, there seems to be a sudden increase in loud jet noise over both states. So what gives?

You're Not Imagining the Extra Jet Noise

First off, the extra jet noise is not a figment of your imagination. There have been a substantial amount of military jets flying over portions of both Maine and New Hampshire for the last week. But before alarm bells go off in your head, there's very good reasons for the large increase in large jets in your local airspace.

Group of four aircraft fighter jet airplane sun glow toned gradient clouds sky

Training for the National Guard is Ongoing

As several commenters mentioned on the Reddit post, the National Guard is in a training session. Training sessions for the National Guard range can include exercises that feature military jets. Pease Air National Guard Base as well as the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard have a long history of being home to substantial training and military drills.

Duluth 148th Fighter Wing Air National Guard fighter jet
Duluth 148th Fighter Wing Air National Guard fighter jet

It's Possible There's NATO Readiness Training As Well

Commenters also suggested that there could be another reason for the increase in jet noise: NATO readiness training. The United States is part of the NATO Response Force, a multinational force made up of air, land, maritime, and special ops groups. Training for those specific units is also ongoing, similar to National Guard training.


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