There are all kinds of people all across the great state of Maine that just can't seem to part with some of their things. Drive along some of the busiest routes in Maine and you're bound to see a house sitting back from the road with "junk" scattered around it. One's person's trash is another person's treasure as the old saying goes. So we applaud this piece of ingenuity right here, perhaps the most creative way to reuse an old snowmobile in the history of the world.

Shared on Facebook by Terina Dobson, someone at an undisclosed location in Maine decided that rather than trashing their broken down Kawasaki snowmobile, why not repurpose it as a shed ornament/birdhouse? As absolutely preposterous as that sounds in theory, when you see the photos of it, it actually works.

It's not even just the birdhouse either. The seat portion of the old snowmobile now has its own living, breathing garden growing on it. What would normally be an old bucket of rust sitting in a junkyard or dump somewhere, is now a place where birds and plants coexist in nature.

We have no idea who created this but their creativity is off the charts. At some point they must have said to themselves, "if we can build rocket ships that fly to the moon, I can put a damn snowmobile on the side of my shed and turn it into a garden and birdhouse". Why, yes you can. Dreams do come true.

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