During the pandemic, we have received help from the National Guard in regards to COVID-19 testing and distributing supplies, according to a report from WMUR.  The Guard will also be a key factor in distributing the vaccine when we finally get one.  Right now, they are employed to help through December 31, but Governor Sununu has asked President Trump to extend that until March 31, 2021.  The report also states that the Governor is asking for more federal funds to support the aforementioned efforts.

Regarding the vaccine, we might be closer than you think.  Right here in Portsmouth, Lonza Biologics is helping produce the vaccine, according to an article from yesterday.  That article states that Lonza has been working producing the vaccine in significant amounts over the past few months.  Mark Caswell, a spokesperson, said Lonza will be able to make the vaccine here in Portsmouth and at their locations in Europe and Asia.  Because of the demand for the vaccine, they will be looking for help, which will be great for the Seacoast economy!

Hearing stories like this makes me very hopeful that we will, indeed, get through this.  Yes, I have to admit, I am very much an "in the moment" kind of person, so, I deal with things as they are.  If I look at the circumstances and what it might mean for the future, it's too much, so I tend to live in the NOW.  I will admit, however, with this news, I may allow myself to be hopeful that there is a vaccine coming in the near future!

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