According to this WBZ-TV report, Lonza Biologics will help produce the highly effective Moderna vaccine for COVID-19.

We do have a footprint of manufacturing here in the US, also in Europe and Asia, so it allows that broader platform for Moderna to be able to supply a global market through our partnership.

- Mark Caswell - Lonza Biologics Spokesperson

Keep in mind that I am the furthest thing from an epidemiologist, but I do know that the Moderna vaccine very recently had the results of their initial trial show an effectiveness rating of almost 95%.

This shocking development was on the heels of the news that the Pfizer vaccine had an efficacy rating of around 91%.

Call me petty, but I'd very much prefer the 95% variety and wouldn't you know it, that's the one that will be produced right down the road!

I never would have guessed that one of the key places that is manufacturing the vaccine is actually a couple of miles closer to me than the place where eventually, I'll have it administered.

I'm going to specify that I'd like my vaccine to be 'local and fresh' even though I'll offer my upper arm to any particular vaccine that my Doctor deems worthy. It'll be worth it for the laugh anyway.

It goes without saying that the mass production and distribution of this vaccine will be a major challenge and Lonza Biologics will be ramped up hiring right here at the Portsmouth lab and that is also outstanding news!


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