As the resident NH Drought Map expert here at The Shark, I couldn't help notice that the 'Extreme' portion of the map looks just like a Christmas stocking. Read further to see what presents are there!

Drought Dry Christmas

No stocking is complete without a delightful gingerbread man and it just occurred to me that this one is larger than Lake Winnipesaukee.

The obligatory candy cane would run from Sanford to Westbrook if this map included The State of Maine but, without The Pine Tree State it greatly helps the imagination conjure up 30 miles worth of peppermint delight.

Since we all will have sugarplums dancing in our heads for the next 35 days, I had to add three of them in the center of the stocking. You will have to excuse their lack of resemblance to the genuine article, as it pains me to admit, even though I've been dreaming of them since 1975, I have never seen one in real life.

To add a personal touch, nothing makes me happier on the morning of the 25th than to see the familiar 'silver and gold' of scratch tickets from The NH Lottery. There's nothing more grand than a 'Grand Prize' of $25,000.

Over the past 7 days I have awoke, not to the moon on the breast of a new fallen snow, but to drenching rains that soaked my driveway below. And I had the windshield wipers on my 'sleigh' running full blast all the way to work.

So something tells me that when I open this link tomorrow around 7AM this festive stocking will probably be long gone and the extreme drought of 2020 but a memory.

Splash away, splash away, dash away all!

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