You know how your devices are always listening?

Like, if you talk about switching to a new phone plan one night and the next day, your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even the Internet become new phone plan deals? Creepy.

Well, clearly my devices have been listening to me, and I am totally okay with it.

A week ago, I went to Burlington, Vermont, for a weekend. One of the stops my group took was into not one, but two speakeasies.

The following week, I decided to write an article about a speakeasy in New Hampshire. This place, the Crowbar Hardware store, is super cool. If you want to go, check it out here.

The FOLLOWING week, I saw an ad pop up on my Instagram feed about a speakeasy sneaker store in Boston.

Wait...a speakeasy "sneaker store?" Yeah, that's what I thought too.

There is a mini-mart, a generic convenience store in Boston that is not so "generic" at all.

If you are inside the store, you may not even realize what the building holds behind the walls.

Once you walk to what appears to be a soda machine, it automatically opens up into a Bodega store.

Bogeda is a footwear and accessory store that has been operating since 2006.

The website is interesting to me. They seem only to have two brick and mortars. One is in Boston at 6 Clearway Street, and the other is in Los Angeles, CA.

Their saying is "hidden in plain sight", which makes me wonder if more stores will open up in speakeasy form.

Either way, what a cool store. In a world where everyone shops online, this is one way to make people enter the building.

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