There's one seaport town in Massachusetts that people from outside have a hard time pronouncing.

It's one of those quintessential seaside towns with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars along the main street, and a vibrant art community as well.

This picturesque town was the theme for a big-time movie, The Perfect Storm, about the ship the Andrea Gail.

Gloucester, Massachusetts, is full of museums, artwork, live music, Hammond Castle, some of the best sunsets, a gorgeous quarry, and whale watching.  The beaches are equally beautiful, with the infamous fisherman's statue watching over the lost souls of the sea. has deemed Gloucester one of the prettiest towns in the United States. If you haven't been to Gloucester, it's a day trip that's worth it, but it's not just the downtown area.

Head over to Rocky Neck, America's Oldest art colony, for some beautifully creative art studios and huge decks over the water.  The Rudder and The Studio (open seasonally) have been there for years. entertaining North Shore folks with live music and beautiful scenery.  It's a funky vibe that will put a big smile on your face.

The beaches in Gloucester are stunning as well.


Wingaersheek Beach is quiet with views of the Westerly sunsets.  Good Harbor Beach is popular with families, and equally drawing with its white sand.  Both are popular spots for special occasion photos.

The downtown, art galleries, shopping, restaurants, beach, and boats are all reasons why Gloucester, Massachusetts, is one of the prettiest towns in America.

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