Since moving to New Hampshire, I have seen many Facebook posts over the years about various animals escaping from their homes/barns and running around town. Everything from goats to chickens to pigs to horses. These are the kinds of thrills you just don't get living in a big city.

Now I don't want the farmhands to come for me. I know it must be traumatic when you realize your animal has escaped and you fear for their safety. But if the story ends with the animal safely returning home, I think it's okay to laugh about! As my 93-year-old Gram Cracker likes to say on repeat: "You gotta have laughter in life!"

The post that appeared on my feed today from the Franklin New Hampshire Police department was that of this nature. It said:

"There is a horse running loose in the area of New Hampton Road and Frances Street. Slow down and be on the look out."


Then about an hour later, there was an UPDATE!

***UPDATE:*** The horse has been returned home. Thanks for everyone's help.

Everyone is relieved, ESPECIALLY the owners. And the comments had me giggling:

Brittany: "Now every horse owner is out counting horses to make sure it's not one of theirs...... Hill NH and all mine are accounted for lol"

Servius: "Being from the big city it's still wild to see posts like this"

Then you have Edward, who used this an opportunity to make a dig at the town's pothole problem.

Edward: "Hope a horse doesn’t sprain its ankle on all the potholes!!"

The owners commented on the post saying the horse was safe and sound and thanking everyone for helping.

This is the kind of story that makes you smile, sigh, and say "Only in New Hampshire."

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