Love is Blind on Netflix is a big-time guilty pleasure for many people, myself included. I have been DEVOURING season six, and enjoying every minute.

If you are not familiar with the show, strangers date each other in pods without ever seeing what their counterpart looks like. Many of them end up getting engaged, typically four or five couples Then they get whisked away on a tropical vacation with the other newly engaged couples. Lot's of times (and by that I mean every single time), drama ensues because they all dated each other in the pods.

After that, they live together and start planning their wedding. Then we get to watch each couple's wedding and find out if they say "I do" or decide to go their separate ways. Oh, did I mention this all happens over the course of four weeks?

Ridiculous? Absolutely! Wildly entertaining? You bet your bottom dollar!

Here's the crazy part though. The majority of relationships that blossom on reality TV are not genuine and don't last. However, every single season of LIB fosters real relationships. Many of these couples get engaged and married on TV, and actually stay together! There might be something to be said about this wacky experiment.

It's always fun when there is a New Englander in the cast, because I find myself rooting for them in a real way. It's like we have a horse in the race! Cameron from season one was from Maine, and is still happily married to his beloved Lauren.

This season, we have the gorgeous and well-spoked AD (which stands for Amber Desiree) to cheer on. She is a real estate agent, formerly from Boston, who now lives in Charlotte. She also used to be a New England Patriots Cheerleader!

She has quickly become one of my favorite cast members. I love how strong she is and how she doesn't take nonsense from anyone.

No spoilers if you know how she fares. I am not fully caught up! I am really rooting for her to find the one, if and only if it is someone who meets her standards. She should not have to settle, because she is a queen.

Join me in binging this delicious TV for the next few Wednesdays on Netflix.

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