Whether it's Halloween or a birthday party, candy is a fan favorite among children and adults in New England.  We love our sweets.

In fact, the most popular candies of the season by state are fun to read and salivate over.  However, parents should beware, because according to shinysmilesveneer.com, there are certain candies which cause most of the dental problems in adults and children.  Parents are encouraged to watch for teeth issues with these in particular.

What are they? No shockers here. They are Jawbreakers, Jolly Ranchers, and Bit-O-Honey, followed by Starbursts and Tootsie Rolls.  These are all bad for your teeth, but oh do they taste so good.

New England Favorite Candies

If we're talking just Halloween, here are New England faves, according to thedelish.com.

In Maine, it's Sour Patch Kids, with a tart and sour flavor only a Mainer can stand.

In Massachusetts, it's the buttery taste of a chocolate Butterfinger.

In New Hampshire, the top candy is the clash of peanut butter and chocolate in the ever-popular Reese's Cups.


In Connecticut, there's not surprise here. It's the coconut and chocolate that win out as Almond Joy gives taste bud delightfulness.

Rhode Island and Vermont have the same tastes, as they love those candy-coated chocolate dots...you know...M&M's.

What happened to NECCO wafers?

Also, remember when we feared razor blades, drugs, pins, and other bad things in our kids' candy?  Well, 55% of parents still check their children's candy, and check for the ones which are bad for the teeth. 40% take some candy out so their kids won't eat so much.

I remember when my son was four and had his first Reese's Cup, I had to pull him off the wall.  He was so sugared up and it was incredible to watch his reaction.

Parents and children, go easy this year.  Ok, at least try.

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