There's something about pizza that's comforting.  It's one of those foods almost everyone loves, and there are so many choices for pizza places in your town.

In fact, in my town there are already five pizza places, and they are all good, but not the same.

So when the news broke of another new pizza shop in the beach town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, some were leery about yet another pizza spot, but most were giddy.

Otto Pizza of Portland, Maine, will be taking over a small retail building at 20 Mitchell Road, in Ipswich. As a lover of all Otto Pizza, I am thrilled.  While I love the other five pizza shops, Otto Pizza offers the eclectic toppings I never get bored with.

Give me a butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry pizza all day long.  It's my go-to, but they have also mastered mashed potato, bacon and scallion pizza.  Want a double crust? No problem.  Need a gluten-free crust?  Otto has a delicious option. Pizza via Facebook Pizza via Facebook

My family wouldn't order Otto Pizza very often, because the closest was 25 minutes away in Newburyport. But now, having Otto in our own town makes it our new go-to place.

People talk about beach pizza, but having Otto in this slightly hidden but well-known location to the townies, is a nod to grab a pizza and head to the beach.

The only thing Otto Pizza will need to work on is delivery to the beach.  Now that would be an epic move as an avid beach-goer who doesn't want to leave to pick up pizza.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Otto Pizza.  When are you opening?

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