SUGAR SHACK! SUGAR SHACK! SUGAR SHACK! Try saying that three times fast.

Are you a sugar lover? I've found some New Hampshire sugar shacks serving warm pancakes with sweet maple syrup.

Don't believe me? I suggest you keep reading.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, at least I think so.

Let's have a debate. What's better, pancakes or waffles? I grew up a waffle girl, but after seeing some of these sugar shacks pancakes, I may have to change my vote.

I'm sure many of you have driven by a sugar shack that has a sign out front saying, 'REAL MAPLE SYRUP, BUY HERE'. Personally, I have never pulled over on the side of the road to purchase maple syrup from a sugar shack, but have wondered what the syrup tastes like.

I'm here to share that there are many hidden sugar shacks in New Hampshire that are worth the stop.

Here are three that serve up hot breakfast and sweet maple syrup.

1. Great Hill Maples - Newmarket, NH

Great Hill Maples Via Facebook
Great Hill Maples Via Facebook

Great Hill Maples pancakes and syrup pictures had my mouth watering. I love fruit in or on my pancakes, so I found this sugar shack very enticing. According to Great Hill Maples, they are only open from September 24 to December 10. There's still enough time to grab a friend or the fam and get some breakfast.

2. Benton's Sugar Shack - Thorton, NH

Benton's Sugar Shack Via Facebook
Benton's Sugar Shack Via Facebook

According to Benton's Sugar Shack, the business has been making maple syrup for six generations. WOW, that's a long line of people keeping the family secret recipe. If you are looking to make pancakes, you can drive up to this sugar shack and grab some sweet syrup to add on top.

3. Parker's Maple Barn - Mason, NH

Parker's Maple Barn Via Facebook
Parker's Maple Barn Via Facebook

Oh my...when I looked up Parker's Maple Barn, the pictures took my breath away. What's so special about this sugar shack is that they educate you on the different types of syrup.

According to Parker's Maple Barn, there is an International Grading System for Pure Maple Syrup, which addresses the four types of maple syrup. A golden color has a delicious taste, an amber color has a rich taste, a dark color has a robust taste, and a very dark color has a strong taste. 

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I tend to reach for Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. I'm now intrigued to try maple syrup darker in color.

What is your favorite kind of syrup? Do you prefer flavored syrup? Have you ever been to any of these sugar shacks or have some other favorites? Let me know.

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