An intense rescue by Vermont State Police in December is circulating on social media, and it shows an eight-year-old girl being rescued after falling into a frozen pond.

We don't think about the daily dangers police and first responders are faced with, but this video shows how quick-thinking they have to be in order to save a life.

You can see how Vermont State Trooper Michelle Archer put herself in harms way to save the the girl, who was playing on the ice with her siblings when the ice gave way, resulting in two of them falling into the icy water.

According to WMUR-TV,  the six-year-old was pulled to shore by the homeowner, but the eight-year-old was further out.  Trooper Archer was nearby when the 911 call came in and she scrambled to the scene, wrapped a rope and floatation device around herself, and plunged into the freezing water to swim out to the girl.

Vermont State Trooper Keith Cote carried the girl to the ambulance for treatment.  She has since made a complete recovery, but originally was thought to have life-threatening injuries.

After watching the video multiple times, the intensity of the situation makes me wonder if I would do the same.  While first responders are trained to rescue, they cannot and do not hesitate.

According to, "Vermont State Police leadership have commended Troopers Michelle  Archer and Keith Cote and the homeowner "for their selfless, heroic conduct, and all three have been recommended to receive the agency’s Lifesaving Award."

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