Is there anything more glorious than an Italian sub? It is one of my top five comfort foods of all time.

I spent over nine long months growing a baby in my belly, and you best believe I requested an Italian sub be brought to my hospital room after giving birth. I earned those salty meats, darn it!

TikTok changed the Italian sub game when the chopped Italian sub trend took the internet by storm:

I can't decide if this is foolish or brilliant. On the one hand, I love that this sub ensures that the filling is evenly distributed. It is almost guaranteed that you get a little of everything this sandwich has to offer in every single bite.

BUT, does that take away from the excitement of the sandwich? Isn't there something kind of thrilling about not knowing you are going to get a piece of pepperoni, salami, or perhaps both in your next bite?

And furthermore, this chopped method makes it feel more like a salad. You could almost do away with the bread and eat the filling with a fork. Is that the way the good lord intended an Italian sub to be?

I guess the only way to settle this is to try it for myself! Mickey's N.Y Pizza recently added the chopped Italian sub to their menu, and sandwich enthusiasts are THRILLED.

Someone in the comments mentioned that a chopped Italian sub is messier than an original. That makes sense because the fillings are probably more likely to fall out of the bread if they are chopped.

Are you down for this new and improved Italian sub, or are you more of a traditionalist?

If you don't want to knock it 'til you try it, give it a whirl and head to Mickey's in Derry!

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