With summer on it's way, you're probably seeing more roofing projects around town.

A co-worker of mine has shared her roofing nightmare with us. All I’ll say is this "roofer" took weeks to reshingle her roof. His final cost was way over the estimate he gave her and to make matters worse, his team was completely unprofessional – while they were “working” on my friend's roof, they were obnoxious, unpredictable and (in a word) frightening.  She was NOT HAPPY.

When I met Jason of J. Carnes & Son Roofing, I knew he and his company were cut from a different cloth. They pride themselves on being on time, professional and coming in on estimate!

They also are great at explaining roofing issues in ways we common folk can understand, so I wanted to share some of their knowledge with you.

Q: I saw a roof recently that had plant life — I couldn't even tell you what it was — growing out of the shingles. Is this common?

A: Unfortunately, it's very common, and it's often a sign of a defective organic shingle that was offered about 15 years ago. They have a limestone filler that get saturated and then allows plant growth. I'd call a professional roofer to examine the problem. You might have some life left in your roof, but there's a chance you'll need a new one.

Q: If you look at your downspouts and see little granules, what's going on there?

A: That's your roof falling apart! Once your shingle ages, you're going to start to see that granule loss.

Q: And the next step, when I'm mowing the lawn and a see a shingle on the ground, that's probably not good either, right?

A: That could be a few things. If your roof is newer, maybe it was installed incorrectly. If the roof is older, that could be the shingle just starting to fail. Maybe a minor windstorm caused it to blow off; the older adhesives just don't stick as well as they do these days.

J. Carnes & Son Roofing is happy to answer all your roofing questions, too! They will not just sell you a roof. Rather, they will educate you on your options, provide samples of all materials they propose for your project, and discuss your upgrade and warranty options. They will give you all the information you need to make the best roofing decision for your home and family. They will work hard and deliver the highest quality results.

J. Carnes & Son Roofing specialize in asphalt shingle roofs, low slope roofs, seamless gutters, and skylights. Whether it’s a repair or a full roof replacement with gutters and skylights, they are here to serve you and all of your roofing needs. Call them today at 603-686-7763 or visit jcarnesroofing.com!

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