There were 2 winners of the Mega Millions, one in Georgia and one in California and I say better them than me. Jonathan is amazed that I always feel this way so perhaps I can better explain myself through the art of blogging.

Let's say for the next 20 years you'll receive 20 million dollars a year. How much do you give to your immediate family members? How much do you give to your not-so immediate family members. One time only or every year? Do you give more to those who need more help and less to those who worked hard and paid their bills or try to calculate how much misfortune occured to the former while acounting for the good fortune of the latter? What if I am Santa Claus with a big sack of cash instead of toys?  How the hell am I supposed to know if you've been bad or good for goodness sake?

Getty Images/John Lund


Whatever you do, nothing will ever be the same and resentment will surely abound. And that's about one percent of the headaches that I'm pretty sure I'd have by being a one percenter.

DK has a pal that hit a NH Lottery ticket for (read this as Dr. Evil) One Million Dollars. This guy worked it out so that every February he'd get a check for 17 grand...PERFECT! Nobody expects me to pay off their house, put their kid through college AND I almost double my salary!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against winning big money, in fact I love gambling and the idea of hitting a big jackpot is probably the only thing that gets me out of bed everyday. But I'd prefer to have enough to take a Carribean vacation and not have the guilt and stress that would come with having a net worth higher than the entire Carribean combined.