Reason number seven billion why I love New Hampshire: no stress.

Half kidding (I cannot name seven billion reasons). But I absolutely can think of many reasons why I love the Granite State. One reason certainly relates to stress.

For starters, with the motto "live free or die," it is hard to be aggravated or stressed. I mean, there are less restrictions in New Hampshire, no sales tax, and our liquor stores are on the highway. What's not to love?

More importantly, when I (or perhaps you) get stressed, the White Mountains, ocean, coastline, and numerous other spots in the Granite State are perfect stress relievers.

In New Hampshire, I can always find a quiet spot to reconnect with myself, my partner, or get some stress off my mind.

This is not the case everywhere.

Recently, a survey was done by Wallet Hub to find the most and least stressed cities in the United States.

They referenced a variety of factors that cause stress in determining which city is the most or least stressed. These factors included average hours worked per week, job security, affordable housing, credit score, divorce rate, poor health, crime rate, and hours of sleep per week.

Two New England cities landed in the top five least stressed cities, and three in the top 10.

At #4: Nashua, New Hampshire.

Tyngsboro Bridge over the Merrimac River, Nashua, New Hampshire
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I have to admit, I am partially shocked, mostly because I do not affiliate Nashua with lack of stress. However, that really is not the point. I think Nashua is simply representing the Granite State as a whole. After all, besides Manchester, the next biggest city is Nashua.

New Hampshire should be a relaxed state. We have beauty in the woods and on the coast.

Coming in at the #1 spot was another New England city.

At #1: South Burlington, Vermont.

Aerial view of fall foliage, Stowe, Vermont, USA
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Anyone surprised that a Vermont city was ranked the least stressed city in America? No? Me neither. What did surprise me was what went into that decision.

According to the Wallet Hub survey, people in South Burlington, VT, had the most weekly hours of sleep.

Similarly, Burlington (ranked #10) had the lowest weekly work hours, another appealing attribute to a city.

Burlington and South Burlington both tied in second for cities with the best health, all of which did contribute to what cities had the most stress.

Here is what I have gathered. New England is a "chill" place to live. We have cities in the top stress free places to live. We are surrounded by beauty. Who would not want to live here...

People who hate the snow, I suppose.

Top five MOST stressed out cities:

Cleveland, OH (#1)

Detroit, MI (#2)

New Orleans, LA (#3)

Baltimore, MD (#4)

Newark, NJ (#5)

Top five LEAST stressed out cities: 

South Burlington, VT (#1)

Fremont, CA (#2)

Madison, WI (#3)

Nashua, NH (#4)

Columbia, MD (#5)

Too see the full list check it out here.

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