To say that this guy is dialed in right now is a tremendous understatement. In fact, JD Martinez had an opportunity to hit the rarest homerun in Red Sox history yesterday.

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No Red Sox Player Has Ever Hit 4 Home Runs In One Game

And JD Martinez had a chance at it yesterday. After going 3 for 4 with three vicious homeruns, he stepped to the plate with that opportunity.

Think about it. 118 seasons in The World Series era, and it's never been done in Red Sox history.

Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Ted Williams, Yaz, Jim Rice and David Ortiz. Not one of them ever hit four bombs in one game.

Believe it or not, David Ortiz never hit more than two in one game.

What makes this even more absurd is that JD Martinez DID hit four homers in a game for The Arizona Diamondbacks in 2017. He's the last Major Leaguer to accomplish that feat.

When you think of baseball rarities, the first thing that comes to mind is a perfect game.

Cy Young, (Yes, the guy the trophy is named after!) pitched the first perfect game in The World Series era and did so while pitching for The Red Sox. It happened back in 1904.

The unassisted triple play is even more rare than hitting 4 homers in a game, and I saw shortstop John Valentin accomplish this feat with my own eyes back in 1994.

In 18,000 or so Boston Red Sox games, less than 25 at bats have had the potential of being the one to hit that elusive 4th homer.

If Martinez continues to be this hot, he may accomplish this by the end of the week, or maybe by the end of today!

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