Hey, we're all human. But the Patriots played six years at...Wrigley Field?

Ever been deflated when Alex highlights categories before the first round of Jeopardy? This can't be a 'me' thing. Sometimes you have a bad day, and knocking out a few layup answers can right the evening ship. Then, he lists off a set of things you don't have a prayer with, and you go into full Hail-Mary mode. Wednesday night was not one of those times, at least for fans of the New England Patriots.

An entire category dedicated to the six-time Super Bowl champs! Plus, it was Double Jeopardy!

Another reason Jeopardy is still the best show on television; the faux supremacy a viewer can feel over a contestant's (you know, someone who is well versed on many topics and has beat countless others to earn their place on the show) completely blank a question/answer. Last night was open season for this.

Let's start with Jennifer, who started strong with a quick 'Belichick.' She didn't even have to say Bill, which leads me to another gripe. For all the pompousness of taking back answers and docking money because a contestant left out a vowel, or mispronounced some ridiculous foreign language (you KNOW Alex takes sinister satisfaction in taking those back "ooohhh, we're sorry" NO YOU'RE NOT!) you're telling me it's okay to skate by with simply the last name, like Bill's a writer/poet?" Get outta here. Full name, or nothing.

Then, we get to the next question. The Pats played at Fenway in the 60's. Kelly, forgetting it was a New England category jumps in with "Wrigley." Then, Chris, sensing it was a mistake of regional geography, goes full send with crosstown Chicago "Comiskey" Stadium. No, the New England Patriots didn't set up shop in Illinois for a half dozen years. Alex brought it home, as only he can "I don't know why you folks were in Chicago instead of Boston." At this point, Frank from Watertown could be heard screaming at the TV five states away.

Speaking of Chris, I don't know where's from, but I don't think he's ever set foot in New England. Question: "on a cold 1982 day, Mark Henderson used a small John Deere to make the kicker's job easier in what became known as this machine game" Chris cannonballs in with "what is a lawnmower" (deep sigh) Yes, they forgot to mow the lawn in cold weather, even though grass stops growing during the fall/winter months. Kick went through because they cut the grass mid-game. Jennifer was closer with "snowblower," and Kelly didn't even try. The $2000 answer was Robert Kraft and...crickets. By this point, I was fully expecting Chris to jump in with Henry Ford. No one bothered.

Which reinforces the long held thought; 'No one outside New England likes the Patriots.' 




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