John Cena played 'Gronk' on Saturday Night Live's hilarious fake game show, 'Where'd Your Money Go?'

Yea I didn't really like Cena's impersonation of Gronk, was not believable at all, and wasn't very funny, it was more like an impression of Jim Breuer in 'Half Baked.'

'John Daley' and 'Connor McGregor' were hysterical, and 'Charles Barkley' as host worked well. The other thing about the skit is that Gronk manages his money very well, at least that is what I have read. He lives off of his endorsement money and puts his game checks in the bank from what I have heard.

Big game tonight, Pats-Ravens. Pregame at 5:30, kickoff at 8:30, post game to follow.


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