You may have heard by now that John Cena has announced his retirement from wrestling after the 2025 season.  He made his announcement in Toronto, Canada.

A WWE World Champion 16 times over, John Cena is recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.  Most people know that from watching him all these years.  Unless you're from this area, however, you may not know that he is from West Newbury, Massachusetts, and his family still lives around here.

John Cena's father, John Cena, Sr., still resides in West Newbury.  He has quite a wrestling career himself, and has appeared with his son on WWE matches in the past.

Let's call John Cena's Dad, Johnny Fabulous, to avoid confusion.

Because I wanted to know more about John's father's business, I looked up his website and found his phone number.  I called the number, and wouldn't you know it, Johnny Fabulous answered the phone.


"Hi, is this John?" 


"Hi John, this is Sarah Sullivan from Townsquare Media, I do the Morning Show on the Shark in Dover, New Hampshire?"  

"Oh yeah!  My son lives in Dover.  How are ya?"  

Johnny Fabulous lives up to his name.  We had a wonderful conversation about his life.  He will not only marry people as a justice of the peace, but he is also involved in wrestling and has no intention of retiring himself.

I had the opportunity to ask Johnny Fabulous what his reaction was to his son's retirement.  Did John Cena mean it when he said he was done?

His dad said that yes, it's for real.  The door is closing.  His son made it very clear that he would only be wearing a suit and tie in the ring after the 2025 season.

Johnny fabulous also went on to say that if you stay too long in the ring, you may end up barely able to walk because of all the bumps and bangs you have to take as a wrestler.

He also mentioned that his son John may mentor others who want to get into the sport.

Whatever the case may be, Johnny Fabulous said that his son will definitely remain in wrestling in some capacity.  "Once you get the greasepaint on, it's hard to come off," he said.

If you want to see Johnny Fabulous' wrestling events, you can check out his X account.  If you want him to officiate your wedding, call him directly.  His phone number is on his website.  I did.  He'll pick up the phone.  He'll bring his own wine, whiskey, and whoopie pies made especially for him (and you) by Brian Rouillard from Woodja Woodja Whoopie Pies in Newfield, Maine.  For real.

I am looking forward to Johnny Fabulous' visit into the Shark Tank soon.  I can't wait to talk to him more.

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