How can you do that to the guy? Jon Bon Jovi was attending a wedding as a guest and was basically forced to join the band on stage to sing one of his biggest hits.

You could tell he didn't want to do it, but because he's a good guy, he played along. Judging from the comments on YouTube, it seems to me that the singer approached Jon Bon Jovi before the wedding to ask him if he would sing and he said no, but the singer, Lourdes, took it upon herself to get him involved mid-performance. Just my guess.

The bride certainly didn't look pleased, oh and by the way, that sounded HORRIBLE, all of it!

I'm sure Jon Bon Jovi isn't too psyched that this video has almost 500,000 views on YouTube. Gracious move on his part, not cool for the band to play one of his songs and make him feel like he had to join in, and if you are going to play a song by an artist that is a guest at a wedding, PLAY IT WELL!

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