The house that Julia Child lived in with her husband, Paul, remains a private residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I wouldn't go knocking on their door to come inside, but you can take a peek below.

What accolades can I possibly think of that have not already been bestowed upon the iconic Julia Child?

If you're anything like me, Julia Child was part of your childhood growing up here in New England.  Like I did with my own mother, I watched Julia's every move in her kitchen as a young girl on the Boston Public TV station.

I even tried out a few recipes myself, and thought it was perfectly fine to have a sip of Sherry or Vermouth when cooking (you get extra points, by the way, for hearing Julia's voice in your head say "VerMOOTH!" as you read this).

The house is currently off the market, but the exact location is 103 Irving Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This is what it would look like from the street view.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

According to a previous real estate listing on, the home was last sold in 2009 for nearly $4 million.

From the back of the property, it looks more like a house you might imagine Julia living in.

Julia and her husband, Paul Child, lived in the house for 40 years. It is now a private residence, according to  I wonder if this was Paul's bathroom?

Julia filmed several of her TV shows in this house, according to Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs, Baking with Julia, and Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home.

If you've watched any of the Julia Child movies, series, or documentaries, she always feeds the film crew, so I imagine that many people were seated around this table.

Here it is.  Julia's kitchen.  Oh, the songs that were sung, the wine that was poured, and the food that was served from this place!

For smaller gatherings, a room with a smaller table.  I think I may have preferred the smaller table so you can talk to everyone.  Sometimes, with those big tables, you miss conversations happening at one end of the table or the other.

Have you ever seen Julia's house in person?  Ever try one of her recipes?

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