I remember Kelly's Roast Beef when they were in downtown Boston, not far from the Garden.  I had been out with friends and needed to find food.  (I may or may not have been drinking all night)  One of my friends said, "HEY LOOK!  THERE'S KELLY'S ROAST BEEF!"  It was like the angels opened up the sky and in we went to get the most delicious roast beef I had ever had in my life.  I needed that sandwich more than anything at that moment.  I'll never forget it.  I am thrilled that they are opening more locations around the New England area.

WHDH reports that Kelly's Roast Beef said it will be opening as many as 6 new locations across Boston, Natick, Quincy, Worcester, Providence and other "express" locations in mall food courts and universities as part of an expansion plan.

Next time you go to Kelly's or if you've never been and one is coming to your town, get the large roast beef sandwich.  They have many other menu items, but their name is Kelly's Roast Beef, not Kelly's "Just Get Whatever You Want."  Trust me on this.  It is one of the best sandwiches you will ever have.

Check out this YouTube from the Phantom Gourmet about Kelly's in Revere.  It'll get your mouth watering!

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