Now that I have skied a whopping two times in my life, I think its time I start embracing the amazing mountains I am fortunate enough to live within driving distance of! New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are home to some of the best ski resorts in the country. And it's not just the mountains that make them so great, it's also the quaint ski towns that surround them.

This Winter, I want to rent a cabin with some friends and really enjoy a ski weekend experience. We'll wake up early and get some good runs in before the mountain got too crowded. Our cabin will have an outdoor hot tub so we could relax our muscles after a tiring yet rewarding day on the mountain. We'll head into town at night and stumble upon a cute little dive bar where the ski instructors hang out after work. Then we'll all snuggle up around the fire and play board games until it was time to hit the hay. Then we wake up and do it all over again! (that was a fun little fantasy, I hope it comes true)

According to, a company called Koala ranked the top 100 ski resorts in the country. When ranking the mountains they took into account factors such as snowfall, number of chairlifts, price per adult pass and more. The site claims that Killington's high ranking is partially due to it's high number of ski lifts (19) and it's $130 adult pass cost. (is $130 a good price?! Man, this is an expensive hobby)

A few other New England mountains graced the list! Sunday River in Maine came in at 24, Stowe in Vermont was number 34, Jay Peak also in Vermont was 42 and Smuggler's Notch was 46.

Check out the full list here. Which local mountain is your favorite?

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