It's Town Meeting day today.  Many towns are going over their town budgets, which sounds like a super snooze-fest if you ask me, however, there are some topics you might be interested in.

Aaron, my gambling-obsessed co-host, is pretty excited about the potential for Keno to be legal in Kingston.  His gym is in Kingston, so after his work-out, he could go to the place right next door, order a "healthy salad," and play Keno!  All would be right with the world!

If you're not familiar with the Keno, Train is a master at it.  Admittedly, it's not that hard.  According to WikiHow, basically, you belly up to the bar, (or a table), get a card from the bartender and pick your numbers.  It's like picking numbers for Powerball or something.  Then, after you've chosen your lucky numbers, you make a wager.  Usually a dollar or five or whatever you want to bet.  After that, you watch the screen and if your number(s) come up, you win!

I'm sure there are other rules, but I just can't get in to Keno.  If Train and I go to play in Kingston, he'll have to be the Master of the Keno and I'll just hand over the cash and order another glass of wine.

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