You'd never guess it from looking at this gravel washout on the side of Kirkland Street in Dover, but the latest NH Drought Map update hasn't changed much.

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Keep in mind that the information from this morning's Drought Map Update do not take into account the downpours that hit the Seacoast area these last two days.

It's a week's worth of data from Tuesday through Tuesday. HOWEVER!


NH Drought maniacs like myself ARE very encouraged by the changes that DID occur.

If you look closely, you'll see that in Cheshire County there is a small blank section that represents almost a FULL ONE PERCENT of The Granite State that is not ABNORMALLY DRY!

Twenty percent of the State has also escaped Moderate Drought status and is back to it's more Abnormal, yet, less severe self.

My BOLD prediction for next week? Over 50% of the state will be BLANK.

No Dryness Whatsoever!