So many different cultures represented and all of them look so delicious! Who knew this was right over the bridge?

Thanks to WMUR-TV's Chronicle, I am now aware of at LEAST a half dozen great places to get inspiration for The Shark Morning Show's 'Time For Food' segment.

I must admit, for the longest time the only dish that I would regularly consume in Kittery would be a Peanut Buster Parfait Royal Treat at the DQ and even that was on a seasonal basis.

Then my cousin Jake recommended Loco Coco's Taco's a few years ago and we always eat there when he visits from California. Outstanding stuff!

After seeing the piece on Anju Noodle Bar, I have to try everything on their menu. There's nothing better than a big bowl of spicy noodles, especially now that Summer is over and the cold temperatures will be here soon.

Kittery, Maine, is now a culinary hot spot? Who knew?

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