Even though I already need to rake my brown lawn, the experts say the leaf people need not worry.

fall foliage
Getty Images/Matt Cardy

In addition to make leaves turning brown and falling, the gypsy moths did a number on some of my trees this summer and that is a direct result of the lack of rain.

It's no surprise the extreme drought conditions especially in southern new Hampshire should send may types of trees into distress.

But some are saying it's too soon to say how these dry conditions will affect the foliage season.

Recently, the Director of Tourism and Travel in New Hampshire said in a statement; "It's a bit too early for us to speculate on what, if any, impact there might be on foliage this fall in New Hampshire as a result of drought conditions in some areas of the state" 

I suppose I can understand that department not wanting to speculate on a potential bad season, what with the leaf peepers bringing close to $1.35 billion to the NH economy.

I like the cash, I can do without the over 9 million leaf people that clog up the Granite States highways and bi-ways during foliage season.

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