I have seen some awesome vanity plates in my day and MANY of them have been here in the Granite State. People just tend to have a good sense of humor around these parts.

Remember the controversy last year about the mom from Gonic, New Hampshire who had the vanity plate PB4WEGO? The department of motor vehicles tried to tell her that she couldn't have it. I forget the reason but I think it was because it referenced a bodily function. Then good old Governor Sununu decided to intervene and essentially said, "HEY, DMV! Did you misplace your sense of humor?"

She was able to keep the plate because it's relatable. If you are a human with a bladder the plate shouldn't offend you.

Today, yet another hilarious plate was spotted in New Hampshire! My friend Khrissy Lank spotted this guy in a Nissan Sentra cruising around Alton. He's single and he wants you to know it.

Khrissy Lank via Instagram
Khrissy Lank via Instagram

Is the vanity plate a tactic to find a date for Valentine's day? Did his ex break up with him and give him that plate as a heartless parting gift? OR is he now in a relationship but hasn't had the chance to change his vanity plate yet? (his girlfriend must HATE that).

I could sit here all day and hypothesize the reason behind this SINGLE vanity plate. If you know the owner and can spill the tea about him I would really appreciate that.

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