My Grandparents always had a set of these dangerous (but fun) darts on the grounds of their camp. Little did I know, they have been banned!

YouTube VIA Yo Paul
YouTube VIA Yo Paul

These have been banned in the United States since 1988, but for those of you that absolutely must have your lawn dart itch properly scratched (I wrote that because they were pretty good backscratchers too), they still manufacture soft tipped 'Jarts' that are completely safe and legal.

For those of you that have never played, here's the rules that we played by up at camp. You would underhand toss your darts at the target which was a plastic hoop about the same size as a large pizza.

If the tip of your dart landed within the target, that was three points. If a part of the dart was making contact with any part of the hoop? We counted that as one point. Very similar scoring system as horseshoes. The first person to reach 21, won the game. Also, I think you had to win by two points.

There were two colors of darts, red and yellow. I remember I HAD to be red, every time. That's another unwritten rule that I just remembered.

As far as maintenance, they were perfect for summer. You could just set up the hoops and darts and if a quick thunderstorm hit, they were mostly plastic and the heavy metal points were rust proof enough that they wouldn't be ruined.

All that being said, I wouldn't let me nephews get within 50 yards of those things today!

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