What do you do when you see a Christmas tree?

Do you hold hands and sing around it like in Whoville? Do you place presents under it like Santa? Or do you pee on it like Kari the K9?

Bangor Maine Police Department K9 Pees on Christmas Tree

To share a funny story and put a smile on our faces, the Bangor Maine Police Department posted on Facebook the story of their K9 Kari marking his territory in the Bangor International Airport.

The Christmas tree looks like any other ordinary tree in the wild, which is why Kari thought it the perfect place to relieve himself. As the post shares, it is not because he is a Scrooge or Grinch, he just thought it was a regular tree.

They promise he is a fan of Christmas and honestly, if I could get away with peeing anywhere, I’d probably pee in some questionable places, too.

I love the picture they posted so much, with Kari sitting there looking all proud and happy. He’s like, “You see that tree? Yeah, that’s my tree. Do you like it? Smell it, it smells like me. That’s my tree.”

Luckily, the tree skirt matches the color of Kari’s Christmas flow, and a quick trip to get cleaned resolved the small mess.

As the post shares, “this photo memorializes the great airport lobby flooding of 2022.”

I’m happy this picture exists and that this story was shared.

If he thinks that’s a fun tree to pee on, he should see the one we’ve got here in Monument Square.

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