You are looking at all three of my nephews patiently pose before devouring the 24 Ounce colossal King Shakes that they tried last weekend at Lickee's and Chewy's at The Cocheco Mill in Dover.

Marsha Lapierre - Photo Credit

Fields of Gold

Caleb and Connor (Age 9) are shown above with the 'Fields Of Gold' King Shake.

From the photo I can see a Nutter Butter cookie, several peanut butter cups, what appears to be peanut butter chips, peanut butter candy and swirls of hot fudge.

They were very enthused as they listed several other peanut buttery items that must be hidden from view as they gave me their 5 Star critique last weekend.

Marsha Lapierre - Photo Credit

The Jester

Colin (Age 7) is a birthday cake connoisseur and this Cake themed King Shake was given a glowing review as well. If memory serves, he enjoyed using the cookies as rudimentary milkshake shovels and told me that when I order one to eat it slow. (Possible brain freeze warning?)

The rave reviews continue to pour in from all corners of the Seacoast. Plan your visit to 'Caramelot' soon! You're really missing out!