Every morning, I drive by the Lee Dunks.  For the past few days, the lights have been off and it looks closed.  I assumed it was from a COVID outbreak, but I wanted to find out for sure, so I called to see if anyone would answer the phone and someone did.

I spoke with a very nice woman who I asked what happened.  Was there a COVID outbreak or something?  Her response was:

Something like that.

Right now, they have limited hours from 5a - 1pm.  The person I spoke to on the phone said that she is "trying for Sunday" to get back to normal hours.

I assume if someone had COVID, they are probably an employee of Dunks and contracted the virus outside of the restaurant.  Otherwise, the place would be completely shut down and they would have to clean every last thing in the place before re-opening at all.  Since they have limited hours, I am also assuming that it's a staffing issue.  Maybe they simply don't have enough people if someone is out with the virus.

I hope they do get back to normal hours on Sunday.  Sometimes, on my way home, a delicious breakfast sandwich is calling my name even if it's late afternoon.  Those power sandwiches are wicked good and totally hit the spot at the end of my day.  Or, if it's Friday, I might get one of those fancy frozen coffee drinks to give me some afternoon caffeine with the hope that I can stay awake past 8pm.

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